3 Things that Sex and Argentine Tango have in common :-)

Did you know that even the famous sex therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, practices the dance of love, Argentine Tango?  And there’s good reason why!  With a media career starting in the 1980’s on radio and television, and as the author of approximately 40 books on the topic of sex, Dr. Ruth knows where the moves are at that keep passion and stimulation alive! You can see her on the picture hugging and joking with our Artistic Director Jevgeni Davidov at the Chinese Fashiongala in New York City! 

There are many things that Sex and Argentine Tango have in common and here’s our top three!

1-   Touch

We all need and want to be touched.  It’s part of the basic human needs of life for emotional health and wellness.  Touch is the basis of all human connection.  By a simple touch, you feel you are not alone, but yet supported by another in this thing we call life!

2-   Communication

Did you know that Argentine Tango is the only dance that is not choreographed? It is based on a series of basic steps and principles and the only way to know where to step next is to listen to your partner’s body language through your mind and body connection.  Now if that is not similar to sex, I don’t know what is?!

3-   Oxytocin

Oxytocin is the #1 reason why you smile! It is a powerful hormone that elevates one’s mood.  The oxytocin levels in your brain increase and are triggered by things related to connection, such as touch and sexual interaction.  So instead of a 2-step, maybe we should call it an oxytocin-step!


At Hudson Dance Studio, we are aware that dance is much more than a series of patterns.  It is an artform that promotes health, wellness and social interaction.  All of these things foster positive human development, wholeness and wellness, and this is the passion that drives us every day to provide a safe place for people to connect and expand the quality of their life.  We hope to see you soon on our dance floor!