New Kids Dance Studio in Fort Lee NJ

Kids & Junior Dance Program in Fort Lee Announces Summer Classes, including a Hip Hop Competitive Team!

Hudson Dance Studio, Bergen County’s most beautiful dance studio under world class direction exploded on the scene in 2012.  It was exactly what local residents needed - a warm inviting elegant and luxurious space open to both adults and kids alike, overlooking the New York City skyline on the Hudson River.  Their success grew so fast that in 2017, Hudson Dance Studio opened a second location for their young dancers in Fort Lee, New Jersey, just a few miles from their original location.

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This beautifully renovated space, known as Hudson Dance Studio Fort Lee, is a 1,500 sq feet studio, which is needed for safe training of children and has new three-layered hardwood floors, great for all dance styles, and important to protect our young ones joints and bones as they grow!

Be greeted by the Studio Manager when you arrive, who handles all questions related to the program, and take rest in the waiting area, equipped with a TV screen where parents can watch their children in the classes.  Kids are taught to music playing from a professional sound system and have access to a dancers' changing room, where they can unwind and pack their dance clothes away for the next class. 

Hudson Dance Studio Fort Lee is an amazing addition to the Fort Lee area as there are currently no dance studios nearby teaching such a variety of dance styles to kids: Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin and Ballroom. Ages 3-18. 

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The Dance Faculty consists of energetic dance instructors who are active and successful in their styles of dance. Our goal is to inspire the young generation to move, be creative and express themselves through dance. 

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This summer of 2018, Hudson Dance Studio Fort Lee has some amazing programs coming to their students! A competitive Hip Hop team program will commence and student dancers will be trained in the summer to become part of the competitive team. They will work on dance routines during the fall semester (September-June) and will compete and perform together at the most prestigious dance competitions in the Tri-State area. The ages for the competitive Hip Hop team are 7 and up. Those participating in the summer program will automatically be part of the team since they will have ample time for training. For those joining in the Fall semester, auditions will take place. 


Also during summer, there are other weekly dance classes. The idea is to keep the kids moving and to not stop dancing.  It is also a great way for children to practice their ability to focus while school is out of session.  The other added opportunity is that kids can try out different dance disciplines. The summer dance classes take place from June 4th - August 18th, 2018. The Fall semester begins on Tuesday, September 4th. 

For more information call 201-886-8008, visit or click the contact tab on the menu above!

Post-Work Dance Party and Workshop Every TUE in Edgewater, NJ

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So what’s going on under the stars, along the Hudson River, every Tuesday night?! An energizing dance party and workshop!  That’s right!  Join the other metro area dancers at heart who like to unwind after a long day of work and forget the daily chores, by dancing, being free, and allow yourself to be you! After all, you deserve it!  

Every Tuesday evening at Hudson Dance Studio, there is a new dance style taught in a group workshop that is followed by an electric and energizing dance party, where you can practice your moves from the weekly workshop and/or private lessons and group classes you may have taken. The idea is to introduce your body to different dance styles and work on partnering skills, but first and foremost- TO HAVE FUN! 


To find out more about our Tuesday night Dance happenings, contact us at 201-886-8008, or click the contact tab on the menu above