Ice Skating World Champions in Edgewater NJ

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Although Hudson Dance Studio is based in New Jersey, our reach goes way beyond the Tri-State Area! Not only are we a top choice for local professionals and celebrities, did you know that we are also a top choice for international Olympians? 

In 2009, Olympic and Grand Prix figure skating champions, Qing Pang and Jian Tong, sought out our studio specifically for choreography from of our Artistic Director, Jevgeni Davidov, for a Tango performance within their routine. Tango on ice?? Yes!  There are many principles that are similar between skating and dancing. The basic elements of human connection, partnership, leader and follower apply to both art forms.  Want to find out what this connection is about and why we are a sought after studio?   Come check us out!  We would love to see you on our dance floor!

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 Hudson Dance Studio is based on River Road in Edgewater, New Jersey in Bergen County.  We offer a free introductory lesson to new guests, so please give us a call and come share some magic with us! 201-886-8008