Hudson Dance Studio is top pick of New Jersey celebrities!

It's no secret where the stars go for fun! On Season 8 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudices' close friends, Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs wanted to show Teresa how to unwind, have fun and spice life up a bit since Teresa expressed being frustrated without her husband at home!  They thought about all the things they could do and figured some hot Latin dancing could do the trick! Out of all the dance studios in New Jersey, they knew there was only one place that could deliver hot, classy, carefree fun with a trendy New York City vibe, overlooking the skyline of Manhattan - Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater, New Jersey! Not only did they seek us out for our glamour, they also heard that our Award Winning dance studio has a high number of World and US Champion teachers from the Latin & Ballroom department!

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Whether you come to the studio with a partner or on your own, you will learn just like RHONJ stars learned that dancing is a whole lot of fun! After Teresa learned some basic movements from Jevgeni, she cheerfully switched over to Joe and not only taught him how to hold a Latin beat, she also lead him in to an under arm turn!  Hmmm, just like Teresa to take the lead! With big smiles and a good time in their heart, they all learned how to get their Latin on rather quickly!




So for the set up: Danielle and Margaret asked Teresa to meet them at Hudson Dance Studio on River Road in Edgewater, right near Danielle's home, close to the George Washington Bridge.  Their goal was to show Teresa a good time while her husband, Joe Giudice, was stuck in prison.  Both Danielle and Margaret brought their significant others, Marty Caffrey and Joe Benigno, who they partnered with on the dance floor.  Teresa came as a single dancer, but no problem there! She had a great time in the hands of US Argentine Tango Finalist, Jevgeni Davidov. Teresa noted that it had been a long time since she was in the arms of another man and it certainly seemed to have ignited a fire within her!  She felt comfortable, had fun and was pleased to have this connection with a man for a change- even if it was only for an hour!

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Accompanied in a group class with other Bergen County dance enthusiasts, Margaret expressed being thrilled to do Latin dancing but was frazzled by the fact that her husband Joe was having a hard time keeping on rhythm with her and his steps reminded her more of Super Mario in a video game, than a sexy atin dancer.  Partner dancing can be hard at times, just like in the life partnership of a man and a woman, but if Joe and Margaret keep it up, they will learn one thing- couples who dance together, stay together! In dance you need to be patient, let your partner fill their role, let the man lead and the lady follow- pretty hard task for a housewife of New Jersey!

After their dance soiree, consisting of Salsa, Cha-Cha, Samba and Rumba basic steps, the Real Housewives spent causal time in the classy setting of Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater, NJ chatting and catching up on all the latest happenings in their exciting life, while Marty and Joe spent some time learning Argentine Tango from Jevgeni with the other ladies at Hudson Dance Studio!
It's never a dull moment at Hudson Dance Studio, and who knows, you may even see Danielle and Marty learn their wedding dance on our floor now that they are recently engaged!  Stop by and see what makes us Bravo TV's #1 pick!

This scene aired on Bravo TV's RHONJ "Reunion Secrets Revealed", Season 8, Episode 16 on January 31, 2018.

Ice Skating World Champions in Edgewater NJ

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Although Hudson Dance Studio is based in New Jersey, our reach goes way beyond the Tri-State Area! Not only are we a top choice for local professionals and celebrities, did you know that we are also a top choice for international Olympians? 

In 2009, Olympic and Grand Prix figure skating champions, Qing Pang and Jian Tong, sought out our studio specifically for choreography from of our Artistic Director, Jevgeni Davidov, for a Tango performance within their routine. Tango on ice?? Yes!  There are many principles that are similar between skating and dancing. The basic elements of human connection, partnership, leader and follower apply to both art forms.  Want to find out what this connection is about and why we are a sought after studio?   Come check us out!  We would love to see you on our dance floor!

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 Hudson Dance Studio is based on River Road in Edgewater, New Jersey in Bergen County.  We offer a free introductory lesson to new guests, so please give us a call and come share some magic with us! 201-886-8008

World Tango Champions Come to Hudson Dance Studio!

2016 World Tango Salon Champions, Melisa Sacchi and Cristina Palomo, took their expertise from the heart of Argentina to Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater, New Jersey, when they attended the studio to educate and inspire local Bergen County Tango dancers to grow their passion for dancing and the authentic movements of Argentine Tango.

The Annual World Tango Championship and Festival is an international gathering of the finest dancers in Buenos Aires, the global tango hotspot, which is the birthplace of the popular dance that originated in the city’s working class ports at the turn of the 19th century. This highly regarded event is held in front of an international audience with a stoic panel of Tango judges who keep a sharp eye on every authentic move.

Melisa Sacchi and Cristian Palomo are dedicated to holding true to the art and authenticity of Argentine Tango.  Melisa trained in ballet as a young child and eventually began dancing Tango in 2001. She has spent time under the guidance of many instructors, Milongueros and choreographers.  Then in 2007, she was selected to enter the Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino (ACETA). Cristian’s love of dance started in 1999 in the ballet folclorico. Coming from a family of folkloric dancers, it was destiny that Cristina would uphold his family’s love of dance and he began dancing Tango in 2003 at the National Institute of Art (IUNA).

Melisa and Cristian met while dancing D’Arienzo at a Milonga in San Telmo.  They joined the Jesus Velazquaz Tango company and went on to teach, and perform in shows and milongas in Buenos Aires. They won the Metropolitan Tango Championship in 2015 and placed FIRST in the World Championship in the Salon category in 2016.

It’s not a secret that THE place for authentic Argetine Tango Dancing connected directly to the heart of Argentina is at Hudson Dance Studio in Bergen County, New Jersey.  People from all over the metropolitan area attend the studio for their countless world class Tango events held all year long under the direction of the studio Artistic Director, Jevgeni Davidov, 2014 and 2018 US Tango Finalist.

To find out more about all the latest events coming straight from Argentina to the United States, contact Hudson Dance Studio at 201-886-8008 or send us an email on our contact tab! Don’t be surprised if you hear Tango music playing when we pick up the phone!

Post-Work Dance Party and Workshop Every TUE in Edgewater, NJ

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So what’s going on under the stars, along the Hudson River, every Tuesday night?! An energizing dance party and workshop!  That’s right!  Join the other metro area dancers at heart who like to unwind after a long day of work and forget the daily chores, by dancing, being free, and allow yourself to be you! After all, you deserve it!  

Every Tuesday evening at Hudson Dance Studio, there is a new dance style taught in a group workshop that is followed by an electric and energizing dance party, where you can practice your moves from the weekly workshop and/or private lessons and group classes you may have taken. The idea is to introduce your body to different dance styles and work on partnering skills, but first and foremost- TO HAVE FUN! 


To find out more about our Tuesday night Dance happenings, contact us at 201-886-8008, or click the contact tab on the menu above