US National Latin Champion & Blackpool Rising Star Coaches Latin Students at Hudson Dance Studio!


Latin legend, Andrei Gavriline, is a well-known name at Hudson Dance Studio. He has been training and coaching our competitive students in Latin and Rhythm for several years and on top of that, he is the organizer of the Tristate Dancesport Challenge every March and the Paragon Dancesport Competition every October! Hudson Dance Studio’s competitive students participate at these two dance competitions every year and go in with a professional perspective on what judges look for in International Latin, American Rhythm, International Standard, and American Smooth. Apart from that, Andrei has been judging Annual Hudson Dance Championship taking place in July and February! 

Andrei Gavriline and his wife Elena Kryuchkova have an extended history of being successful performers. Their achievements include the 2002 Open Professional Latin Rising Star Blackpool Champions, and 3 time US National Professional Latin Champions from 2004 to 2006. They were also 3 time US representatives at the World Latin Championships, and semifinalists in all major international Open Professional Latin Competitions, as well as finalists in the most prestigious competition in 2008, the Blackpool Dance Festival in the Professional Latin category.

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Andrei and Elena also partook in a televised Ballroom Dancing competition known as "America's Ballroom Challenge" hosted at the annual Ohio Star Ball Championships, one of the most renowned dance competitions held in the United States, organized by Sam Sodano, also from New Jersey whose origins are close to Hudson Dance Studio! At this televised event, they became 2-time champions in the International Latin category.

There’s a lot of buzz going on at Hudson Dance Studio, on our floor and in the competitive arena.  Give us a call or stop by and see what it’s all about!

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