General Information

Your registration is deemed final after the payment has been received. GCTFC is not reliable for any spelling mistakes or wrong entries - please make sure to fill out the registration form with no mistakes. Competitors numbers can be picked up upon arrival at the venue from the reception desk.

Rules & Policies

Gold Coast Tango Festival & Championships doesn’t provide any refunds under any circumstances. If any requests for changes are made, we can’t guarantee that those changes can be made after the registration. The registrant assumes all risks of bodily injury (including death) and property damage inherent in attending this event. The registrant holds harmless the Gold Coast Tango Festival & Championship organizers, and all employees, staff, helpers and volunteers associated with this event. GCTFC is not responsible for loss or theft of articles left in changing rooms, the ballroom or restrooms and neither can organizers and and all employees associated with this event be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event. Everyone attending does so at this or her own risk. The registrant grants the GCTFC the right to use, refer to and reproduce programs by means of video recordings, in any and all mediate formats edited and arranged, using their name voice, likeness, acts, poses, appearances and utterances as part of and in connection with appearance on any program, and in any advertising, publicity, promotion relating to those activities, and the registrants agrees to grant GCTFC the right to exhibit, transmit, distribute, and otherwise use same as desired in all fields and media throughout the world without limitations. If for any reson GCTFC needs to cancel the event due to inclement weather, loss of power or failure of sanitary facility, the organizers will not be held accountable for any expenses of the registrant occurred due to the cancellation of the event.

Seating at Competitions and Milongas

During the dance competition seating cannot be reserved - it is first come, first serve. During the Milonga events seating can be reserved. For guests without reservation no table seating can be guaranteed.