Business Manager


LANGUAGES: Russian, German, English, French.

MY FAVORITE QUOTE IS:The meaning of life is to give life meaning.” Existentialism

MY HOBBIES ARE: Running, yoga and meditation, good music, going for a walk with Manhattan skyline view, spending time with Maksi, my family and positive and creative/active people!

I AM AT HUDSON DANCE STUDIO:… because there is something special about this place. It is not only full of positive energy and life but also attracts so many talented and interesting people. It makes me happy to see students get better every day and enjoy what they are doing, it is incredibly interesting and fulfilling to exchange knowledge and ideas with the instructors and to support staff in organizational questions!

PROFESSIONAL CAREER: Ksenia has been involved in education and teaching for many years. After receiving her Master’s degree in History and Political Science from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in 2009, Ksenia moved to US to work in policy research and marketing. Since 2012 Ksenia has been part of Hudson Dance Studio where she is responsible for creating dance programs and coordinating day-to-day tasks. An avid historian herself, she is also teaching ‘Dance History’ class providing an overview and historic background of different dance styles and dances.