Junior/Youth DanceSport Program


General Rules

  • Please respect the property of the studio.
  • No gum allowed in the studio.
  • Once class is in session, no interruptions please.

  • Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Students must be covered by their own medical insurance.



  • Group classes and private lessons must be paid in full prior to being taught.
  • If a payment is received five days or more after the date it is due, a late payment fee of $10 will be applied.
  • To simplify the collection of payments, Hudson DanceSport Studio offers to accept monthly/scheduled fees through an automated payment system.
  • If a payment is returned uncollectable because of, but not limited to, expired credit cards, canceled credit cards, insufficient funds, overdrafts, and closed accounts, a service fee of $40 will be applied.
  • No refunds.
  • Hudson DanceSport Studio offers a 10% sibling discount.
  • Junior/Youth dance program requires a registration fee of $35.
  • No refunds.



  • If you have to cancel a private lesson, please give us a notice 24 hours prior to the scheduled time to avoid being charged for the session.
  • If the group class is canceled by Hudson DanceSport Studio, a makeup day will be announced.
  • There are generally no group classes on Fourth Of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year.

Dress Code

  • Dance appropriate clothing is highly recommended as an important part of proper dance education.
  • Dance shoes are highly recommended for flexibility, comfort, and moving easily on the dance floor.
  • No athletic apparel during group classes is allowed.
  • Girls should wear a dance top or leotard with a flowing skirt, leggings, or spandex shorts.

  • Boys should wear black color dance or regular dress pants with a shirt, t-shirt, or a tank.

  • Ladies may wear a dress, skirt, slacks, or a nice pair of jeans with a dress top.

  • Gentlemen may wear slacks or jeans with a dress shirt.

  • Make sure you are neat, clean, and groomed as a courtesy to those around you.

  • For safety no bare feet allowed on the dance floor.

For More Information Call: (201) 886-8008