FALL Semester Kids & Teens Dance Schedule
Sept 4, 2019 - June 20, 2020

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Located in Edgewater NJ, Hudson Dance Studio kids and Teens program offers Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acro Dance and Hip-Hop for Parents! Our program includes Group Classes, Private Lessons, Masterclasses, Dance Showcases and end of the year Recitals.
Our staff and community is an awesome group of people and world-class dance instructors who is looking forward to meeting YOU on the dance floor!

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AGES 3-4


Dancers must be 3 by September 14, 2019

Creative Movement Dance while learning elementary ballet skills, balance, coordination, confidence, poise, rhythm and musicality, but most of all, let’s have fun together!

Hip-Hop A special class for the little Hip Hopers! Dance with music and learn balance, coordination, confidence, poise, a vocabulary of steps and combinations with lots of fun!

AGES 5-7

Dancers must be 5 by December 31, 2019

Ballet - Jazz Combo Learn the fundamental technique of Ballet and Jazz combined with rhythm and musicality. Students learn to express themselves with confidence and good posture.

Ballet - Basic Learn the foundation of ballet, body placement, balance, poise, flexibility, Ballet terminology, basic turns, and movements combination across the dance floor.

Jazz - Basic Dance Jazz to the tempo, rhythms, and style of classical, jazz and Broadway music. Learn body movement, expression, technique, to combine kicks, jumps, turns, and everything in between!

Hip-Hop focuses on the popular urban style of dance, a combination of freestyle and choreography. This class teaches Hip Hop dance moves, steps combinations and Hip Hop culture. Best dancers will be selected for HDS Competitive Dance!

Acro Dance Beginners 5-10 An introduction for How to Become a Cheerleader!
a combination of basic acrobatics and dance accompanied with music as in-floor gymnastics.
This class is a fun way to teach children balance, flexibility, strength, confidence and musicality. (For your child’s safety, gymnastic mats will be used during this class).

AGES 8-12


Dancers must be 8 by December 31, 2019

Ballet Level 1 Refine and perfect your ballet foundation skills from the bar to the floor. Learn to create combination routines, body placement, discipline, flexibility, and confidence.

Jazz Level 1 Learn to dance Jazz as a form of self-expression combined with technique, foundation, and improvisation with style.

Ballet/Jazz Combo Learn the foundation of Ballet/Jazz such as balance, agility, flexibility, turns & jumps. Master the discipline and artistry of Ballet combined with the self-expression, style, and creativity of Jazz!

Hip-Hop Fortnite focuses on the popular urban style of dance combining Fortnite Emotes. Class work consists of a cardio, and developing a vocabulary of steps and combinations. Fortnite is kids most popular video game that incorporates Hip Hop moves and inspires kids to learn Hip Hop dance such as the Hype, Floss, Electro Shuffle & more.

AGES 12-18


Dancers must be 12 by December 31, 2019

Hip Hop for Teens Perfect your Hip Hop Dance Moves and Skills! This class incorporates many Hip Hop styles such as urban, commercial, breakdance and popping with freestyle and choreography. Best dancers will be selected for HDS Competitive Dance Team.



Great physical activity to your favorite music! Class is perfect opportunity for Parents/Adults that want to learn how to get down on the dance floor and showcase basic/advance Hip Hop moves. Class runs same time as Jazz 8+ Level 1.


Hudson Dance Studio’s instructors and students have placed in the top 3 among other couples at regional and national Dancesport competitions! Competing in Ballroom and Latin requires a serious commitment from students, parents  and our instructors. Become a part of this Award- Winning program to showcase your talent!


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Because we strive to inspire our children of all ages to learn how to express themselves, become creative and be confident through the art of dance. Dance is not only a great physical activity, but also a vehicle that teaches values like discipline, inner-strength and positivity, which are important for children development and growth. Working in a group towards a common goal such as a recital or competition, is an experience that is going to stay with your child forever!    


Start as early as 3 years with our 'Creative Movement' and Hip-Hop classes to acquire foundation for any dance style in the future. Our Kids & Teens program teaches Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Acro Dance, Latin and Ballroom dancing consisting of popular partner dances such as Cha Cha, Salsa, Rumba, Waltz and Foxtrot in a format of private lessons and group classes. 


This Semester we are adding the Fortnite Dance Workshop, Hip Hop for Parents and Acro Dance for beginners!


Begins on September 4th, 2019 and runs until June 20th, 2020.
Dance Recital: at the end of the dance semester, to provide an opportunity to perform and showcase dance skills and semester’s hard work on stage and in front of an audience. It is our grand finale for an incredible dance year!

To get started with our program, book a $25 drop in class by calling (201) 886 8008


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