THE FINESt AUTHENTIC argentine tango competition
in the tri-state area
for Pro-am and amateur couples!

FEBRUARY 23th,2019 7PM - 12am Edgewater, NEW JERSEY

Hudson Tango Championship has been attracting Tango competitors from all over the Tristate-State area since 2015. The Championship offers the opportunity for Pro-Am and Amateur couples to compete in two styles of Argentine Tango: Salon and Freestyle. Choose between Single and Multi-Dance Championships, single dances, solo exhibitions (Stage Tango). 
After the Competition stay for a beautiful Milonga with a Pre-Milonga class, music with DJ and after-party celebration of all Tango Competitors! Hudson Tango Championship will challenge you, will inspire you and we guarantee that you will have the best time of your life!  






CATEGORIES & Styles you can choose from



PRO-AM & AM-AM: PRO-AM is a partnership between a dance instructor (Professional) and his/her student (Pro-Am student). While a professional dancer teaches, competes and performs for a compensation, an amateur dancer dances purely as avocation. AM-AM is a partnership between two Amateur dancers.  

SALON STYLE vs. FREE STYLE: Salon style is the more traditional style whereas Freestyle allows the usage of non-traditional elements with exception of jumps and lift. Freestyle is a fusion between Nuevo, Nuevo Salon, Fusion, Fantasia, Orillero. To see which figures are allowed in Salon vs. Freestyle, click here.  

BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD: Here is a list of permitted figures. 

SINGLE DANCES: You will be competing with other couples on the dance floor and will receive a written evaluation for each single dance you register for. We recommend a minimum of 12 single dances to get the best out of your dance experience!
TANGO SALON CHAMPIONSHIP: Compete for the HUDSON TROPHY. Compete in Argentine Tango Salon Style. The first 3 placements will be announced and will receive trophies. A minimum of five single dances are required to enter a Championship. 

MULTIDANCE CHAMPIONSHIP: Each Championship consists of Tango, Vals and Milonga. You need to dance all three dances in your level and style. The first 3 placements will be announced and will receive trophies. A minimum of five single dances are required to enter a Championship. 
STAGE (single & group): Perform a Tango routine  in front of the judging panel & the audience. Only you will be on the dance floor which makes it exciting. You will receive a placement, only the first 3 placements will be announced. You can perform with your dance instructor, amateur partner or as a group! Here are the rules: The competitors can present their view of the dance of Argentine Tango. This means that the competitors can use steps, figures and elements not connected to the traditional Argentine Tango. Although the choreographies have to include traditional elements of Argentine Tango such as ochos, steps, boleos, ganchos and close embrace. The competitors are allowed to break the embrace and use techniques from other dance disciplines if necessary. Elements from other dance disciplines cannot exceed 1/3 of the show. Choreography needs to contain elements of walking on the floor. The entire show (from walking onto the dance floor to leaving the dance floor) can't exceed 4 minutes.  






Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia.png

Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia

Junior Cervila is considered a Latin “Gene Kelly” by the New York press. He is a very experienced choreographer and instructor and is recognized for his creative tango styling, his intricate footwork, as well as his dance versatility. Junior has been choreographic assistant to tango legend, Juan Carlos Copes, and his performances have been seen worldwide on Argentinian television, on stage (Broadway’s “Tango Argentino”), on tour (most notably with Junior, Guadalupe and Julio Iglesias) and on screen (“Tango”, nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign film, 1999). Now dancing with Guadalupe Garcia they form one of the most explosive tango couples in the world.



An Argentine Tango producer/director/choreographer/master and professional dancer. With a wide artistic background in Ballet, Flamenco, and Latin dances, he has definitely marked a before and after in the tango dance. His powerful, elegant and authentic Argentine tango style has taken him to teach and perform all over the world "Conjurotango”, his own tango company, "Tango Story" and “Tango Miracle” are some of the most acclaimed shows, where he has participated as director, choreographer and principal dancer. They have been held at the major theater, in cities such as Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Munich, Moscow and Sao Paulo. Currently, he is producing and in the process of making off, his new masterpiece, “Back to Tango", that will be premiered in 2019.
Since 2004 he has been dancing and choreographing tango together with Analia Carreño with who they built a legendary couple that has taken them to every part of the globe, to the most recognized international tango festivals. He is a tango ambassador and has been teaching, performing and spreading Tango culture around Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America. As an official judge of the world Tango championship, he has also directed the tango show with all the champions, launched in Sao Paulo 2017/18. The most famous tango houses in Buenos Aires, Señor Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel, and El Viejo Almacén have hired him as principal dancer and dance captain. With more than 20 years of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, he has participated in the most famous TV programs and performed at the most important theaters in Argentina, such as the world-renowned Opera Theatre, Teatro Colon. He is an unstoppable art creator in all aspects that knows no limits to build up and give all his knowledge to the world.



International dance master/ professional dancer/choreographer/trainer/ director and producer of Argentine Tango.

Her unique, polished and stylish dance has taken her to go around the world, spreading the culture of the country that saw her born. Invited to the most renowned Tango Festivals such as Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow, and Munich, together with Luis Ramirez, she is the founder, director, and producer of the international Tango company “ConjuroTango”, with whom they have toured around Argentina and the most important Opera Theatres in Asia. With a cast of twenty-six artists, including dancers, singers, and musicians, the play “ A new story about Tango…”, has been acclaimed by the most demanding audiences. Soon after her participation in the popular TV shows in Argentina next to celebrities as Ricky Martin and Jon Secada, she was invited to perform at the world-famous musicals “Forever Liza”, “Tanguera” and “Tango emotion”, touring around biggest theaters in South America and Europe. As a choreographer, she has created many different styles of works for “Roots of Tango”, “ConjuroTango”, “Tangostory” and now she is working in a new production, “ The premiere tango show for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018”. Besides, she has made many choreographies for a special dance company, “Sin Fronteras”(without borders), composed by disabled dancers. Regarding this, a disabled tango couple, trained by A. Carreño and L. Ramirez, went to the semifinals of the world championship 2017 and received the best critics of the press with an amazingly poetic tango choreography combining tango steps over the wheelchair. Nowadays she divides her passion and artistry between her performances at the major tango houses in Buenos Aires; Señor Tango and Esquina Carlos Gardel, and her teaching and performing traveling abroad most of the year.






Apart from technique and elements, the judges will also be evaluating your overall look. Therefore, It is important to look authentic. Hair and make up for ladies are mandatory, we offer hair & make up services on site.  

FOLLOWERS:No pants. The length of the skirt/dress can't be shorter than 4 inches (10 cm) over the knee. Cuts are allowed and can be deeper than 4 inches (10 cm). There are no color restrictions. Rhinestones can be used in moderation. Argentine Tango dance shoes are mandatory. The height of the heel can be chosen individually. Followers tango shoes can be open or closed toe and hill, matching the dress.
LEADERS: suit is mandatory. Tango pants, vest and suit can be worn. Vest only is not allowed. No rhinestones are allowed. No bright colors. Argentine Tango dance shoes are mandatory. 

STAGE: no limitations for both followers & leaders. 






Fill out the form below and email to You will receive an email confirmation with a summary and payment options. The registration is final only after the payment has been received. Final date for submissions is Friday, January 18th, 2019!  










Only 25 minutes from Uptown Manhattan! Hudson Dance Studio in Edgewater, NJ boasts 3,500 sq feet of beautiful ballroom overviewing the Hudson River. The venue has two changing rooms, seating for over 60 people in the ballroom and a beautiful bar. Parking is available in front of the studio in the parking lot, at municipal parking across from Admiral Walk as well as on Route 5. 





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