Deborah Alforque

Hudson Dance Studio is not only a dance studio, it’s the next best thing to your home of dance. Whether your passion is ballet, tango, latin ….or you just want to dance at your wedding, the friendly professional instructors will bring out the best in you. Their social events are like a family dance party….you almost know everyone! If you have a competitive spirit, Hudson Dance Studio has a winning track record, too. So, let your dance begin @ Hudson Dance Studio, and, have fun here!!

Maximiliano Cristiani
2013 World Champion in Tango

The artistic vision of Jevgeni Davidov turns the dance floor into a whole new experience. Here you will find Argentine Tango at its best and the nicest community of instructors and students. I felt welcomed and at home right away. I would return to Hudson Dance Studio again soon!

Maria Torres
Broadway Choreographer

By far the best dance studio in NJ/NY area! The warm atmosphere that spreads from studio’s decor to the instructors who teach there, make it a special place. I couldn’t think of any other place when shooting for my new movie ‘Lovin’ Brooklyn’ – with many windows the studio is full of light and has a beautiful Manhattan view. It is amazing to learn to dance in this atmosphere. I highly recommend Hudson Dance Studio for everybody who wants to learn to dance in a welcoming and warm atmosphere!

Natalie Burlutskaya
Student, Adults & Kids

This dance studio is not just a venue – it’s a community spot to meet and get entertained, enjoy dancing, learn, have fun, and meet great team of instructors. The studio offers dance lessons for folks of all ages, literally. My child has been attending this dance school for two years already. Hudson Dance Studio has a spacious and beautiful ballroom that overlooks Manhattan and a cute marina on the Hudson river. The guys at Hudson Dance host parties, charity events, and recitals regularly. You won’t be disappointed.

Angie Topbas
Student, Ballroom & Tango

This dance studio helped me discover my passion, dance! This is such a welcoming studio. Everybody has a smile on their facec when you enter the studio. Instructors are top of the line! They make you feel like you’re doing a great job and they appreciate every effort you make. I’ve been coming to this studio for almost 2 months and I’m so happy to have found a dance studio that is local and that offers dance classes both for kids and adults! I Iove Hudson Dance Studio!