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What is it that you dream of?  Is it Latin, Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, Hustle, or perhaps Ballroom Dancing? Fulfill your dance dreams and more at Hudson Dance Studio’s Award Winning venues in Edgewater and Fort Lee, New Jersey! We offer private dance lessons, group classes, dance parties, Milongas, masterclasses, showcases and dance competitions. Learn below what dance styles you can learn and sign up now for a complimentary dance lesson here! 


Dance Styles That You Can Learn


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Wedding Dance

We offer special packages for our Wedding Couples. A great way for you and your fiancé to have a memorable wedding day, while also spending quality time learning a new activity, is to begin wedding dance lessons. Your first dance is a chance for you to share the spotlight, steal some kisses and show your guests the unity of your movements. Give us a call to book your complimentary wedding consultation!


Latin Dancing

Where hot & sizzle meet on a high class floor! Latin dancing is a style of dance that originated in the heat of the Latin culture, incorporating influences from Central and South America, Mexico, and Africa. Whether it be the fun and flirtatious Cha Cha, the rhythmic Brazilian-based Samba, the sensuous Rumba, the intensely seductive Paso Doble, or the high energy Jive, there are many ways to express your burning inner fire!

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Ballroom Dancing

The elegance of a time gone by, ballroom dancing captures the chivalrous male/female partnership through whimsical steps across the floor as seen in the Foxtrot and Waltz. Feel the magic of dancing through the stars as you are lead through a series of steps which will make you feel like an old world movie star! Be swept away in the beauty of life and make your magic sparkle with us!

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Argentine Tango

Experience Buenos Aires at Hudson Dance Studio with the captivating Argentine Tango, no passport required! With its steamy reputation for passion and drama, once you step into this world, you will soon find that Argentine Tango is more like having a warm conversation with an intimate friend. Bring your curiosity and willingness to start, and after just a few steps (and a few missteps), you’ll be captivated by this enchanting dance.

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Kids & Junior Dance

Hudson Dance Studio's Award Winning Kids & Junior Dance Program welcomes boys and girls as early as 3 years. Offered dance styles are Ballroom and Latin Dancing, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary. With over 25 weekly group dance classes, annual dance performance on stage and a competitive dance team 'Project HD', our program is one of the most sought dance programs in Bergen County and Northern New Jersey.


Caribbean Dances

The rhythm is gonna get you! Do you often feel the drive from pulsing rhythmic melodies calling your body to move? Well we’ve got the moves for you! Learn the island languages of Salsa, Bachata and Merengue as they envoke the island rhythms of drumming along with fluid sensual body movements that will awaken your pelvis, hips and waist to a whole new you!